The Lightner Museum


The Lightner Museum is a place where more than 20,000 items are displayed. No matter what time of the year it is, it would be a great time to visit the museum. When it comes to variety, this place has a lot of that and the displays are scattered throughout its three floors. The place just gets more interesting when you move from one exhibit to another. You can find yourself looking at a painting then looking at a statue the next. There is no shortage of artworks here as there is a nice painting of the popular St. Augustine skyline. In fact, the museum has hosted numerous exhibits in the past and it will continue to do so in the future. Don’t be surprised if you enter and there is suddenly an exhibit going on in there. There is also a music room containing antique instruments from more than a century ago.

It would be a splendid idea to book a tour at the museum so you can get a proper introduction to the collections there. The museum’s own curator offers a tour himself. Due to the amount of time he’s been at the museum, that is highly recommended but it only happens once a month. It would be better to book the tour you prefer in advance so you won’t run out of slots. It would certainly be better to be safe than sorry. Organizations are allowed to book their own private tour as part of some kind of activity. Yes, that also caters to schools so the tour guide will also show the things that kids will love. That would be a more intimate way of experiencing the museum and you’re going to learn exclusive stories.

If you get a little hungry, there’s Cafe Alcazar which is just located behind the museum. The cafe is pretty spacious and it has a lot of choices on its menu. It is understandable to be hungry after a day of checking out what the museum has to offer. Perhaps, the best way to cap off your visit at the museum would be to buy souvenirs so you can have something to remember it by. Thankfully, there is a souvenir shop there containing the museum’s most popular displays. You will definitely be able to tell your closes friends that you were able to visit Lightner Museum and watch them get jealous.

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