Cost to Build a Custom Home in St. Augustine, FL

The question that we get most often is how much will it cost to build a custom home here in the St. Augustine area? Well, let’s slow down there and figure out what it is that you are looking for first. You see, you have very specific things in mind that you want. Every single one of those “must-haves” comes with a price tag. Do you want granite or marble? Do you want real hardwood or laminate? Do you want a patio or a screened-in lanai? Our design and development stage always comes first. If you do not already have drawings from an architect, we can always recommend one. However, we need to have specific instructions first before we can begin to bid on the project.

Ocean View Custom Home Builder is not your typical “run of the mill” builder. Our homes and commercial buildings are built to last. We take every precaution to ensure that your dream home stays your dream home. The cost to build that dream varies depending on the specifications involved and the size of the home. However, we are competitively priced and work diligently to ensure that your estimate does not exceed the amount quoted from the beginning. 

Having a home built is not as daunting an experience as some may think. We work to make the process flow as seamlessly as possible and help you every step of the way. Our goal is to not only put you in the home of your dreams but also make it a quick and painless process throughout. If you are looking for something “out of the box” and want a custom home built, look no further than Ocean View Custom Home Builders. We would be proud to be your chosen builder.

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